Saturday, May 17, 2008

Finding Lost Family Members

This post is completely off-topic, but is one that hit home personally and I felt deserved mention.

Family members can become displaced from one another through divorces, war, moving, and traumatic events such as Katrina. What is needed is a free, electronic "bulletin board", where people can leave a "post-it" so they can be found, and likewise search for a missing loved one or friend.

I came across such a site at After a painless, non-invasive registration, you can leave an electronic "post-it", and also search the database for any family members you may be looking for.

The downside is that the database is based upon participants who leave a message, but if the word gets out for this free service that should not be a problem.

In this day of paid services for employees, classmates, matches, etc., it's nice to find a free site doing such a noble service. I encourage you to spread the word!