Friday, October 26, 2007


For this inaugural post I thought it appropriate to state what I hope to achieve here.

Whether you have been at the helm of project management or directing technology efforts, have been at the "receiving end" of such, or perhaps you are a technician caught in the middle, you know the effort and frustration that can accompany software development.

I have been in all of these places. I've been part of failures and successes, fun companies and miserable, profitable and not so much. I have worked with highly skilled people and with those who should not be responsible for managing a lemonade stand.

What I have learned is what we all do: people (at least the ones you want on your team) like to be part of successes and to feel as though they have achieved something with their time. Your definition of success may differ from mine, but you know when you've had one. It usually involves staying within schedule, and budget, and delivering quality. Some fun along the way and a bonus is even better!

So, this blog will attempt to deliver some practical advice and stir your thoughts towards more success in software project management -- whether you are a director, a project manager, a developer, or a user.

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